E X P L O R E ,

D R E A M , A W A K E N


We are a group of dedicated guides and photographers with years of experience in chasing lady Aurora and guiding in Arctic


We are a group of healers and visionaries, working and deepening the knowledge of the body as well as terrestrial realms. Our aim is to share what we experience into our tours, as we are all humans incarnated and there is more similarities between us then differences.



We have over 90% success in seeing the northern lights. We have hundreds of satisfied customers from all around the World


season lasts from late August until middle of April


connection to Nature


  • small group of max 8pax
  • overall jacket
  • toe warmers
  • local lamb sausage/ soya chorizo (veg.)
  • traditional Lefse cake
  • hot drinks


  • tripods
  • bonfire and reindeer skins to rest on
  • fine resolution professional photos
  • sharing from the space of Heart
  • storytelling
  • short simple meditation(optional)

Delightful, Passionate and exciting chase ! - one of our hundreds reviews we earned in last 5years.


therefore we created easily accesible question/answer guidebook


When is the best time to see Aurora?

The season to see Aurora, Northern lights in Tromsø begins in the middle of August and last approximately until middle of April. The main condition to observe Aurora Borealis is dark sky and that in Tromsø is in the period I have mentioned. Remember that Tromsø is on 69,9N latitude so in the period of around 20th of November until 18th of January there is no Sun rising above the horizon at all.

Why Tromsø is good place to see Aurora? and better then the other ones?

There are 3 reasons why Tromsø is one of the best places in the World to observe the northern lights:

1. Tromsø lays on the Aurora Belt – Aurora is occurring in an oval that is created 6-9degrees south from the North Magnetic Pole. Doing the geometry homework we see that with any minimal activity Aurora is visible on the Northern part of the sky from Tromsø, with average medium activity we are actually experiencing Aurora just above our heads while being in Tromsø area.

2. Tromsø is partly covered by the GolfStream the warm ocean stream in Atlantic that makes the weather pretty mild in the winter seasons. Tromsø is called the gentle county of the Northern Lights – average January temperature is -1. Compared to Alaska or Russia where the temperatures go as low as minus 30-40 it is pretty mild.

3. Easily accesible from around the World, having daily connection with Oslo and few international cities, with very modern and high standard infrastructure as a city.

Can you recommend any place to stay in Tromsø?

Yes we do! There is plenty of hotels that vary between budget and high top class. Airbnb became also very popular lately in Tromsø so that is another option. Please follow this link and find a place that suits your needs most.

Which months do you recommend as best?

In my opinion the best time to come to Tromsø is when the weather is stable so it is possible to find clear skies for the whole night. From my experience September and October are two months with very clear skies, as well January for last 4 years was extremely clear month with very strong lights. End of December and February are two most busy months in the year so I usually don’t recommend them as the city is filled up with people and rates are usually higher. If you don’t like to get cold then definitely late August, September and October are the best months to come. Disadvantage is that most of the time it is not possible to do any winter activity like dogsledding, reindeer sledding, etc, as there is no snow.

Why shall I pack myself up and head straight to Tromsø as fast as possible?

The answer is that we are over the Solar Maximum that was supposed to be in the season 2014/2015 and yearly activity will be dropping if we are still in the same cycle as we have been for last centuries (my questions arise as we are in a deep shift on the planetary level therefore we will see how it all develops) If there is any chance to see the strong amazing Auroras then I would say it is September of 2016!


How can I book a trip

Please follow one of our Book Now button on our site that will redirect you to our booking gateway. Our booking site is www.greenfoxguiding.rezdy.com

What is the price for the tour?

Adults: 1400NOK
10year old-16year old: 1000NOK
children 2-9: 700NOK

When do I pay for the tour?

Our tours are prepaid which means that the whole payment is made by the end of reservation process. Only paid inquiries are valid to join the tour with us.


Can we get a refund if we don’t see the lights?

This question is straight directed to our Terms and Conditions subpage that we highly recommend for  everyone to go through it briefly just to avoid unnecessary disputes. Here is a part of it:

In case of not seeing lights there are no refunds expected.

In case of not seeing lights there is no extra free trips expected.


Can I cancel the tour on the same day?

Yes and No.

To protect the interest of my company in case of cancellations from your side the amount of payment will be sent to you back as follow:

  • 100% if the trip will be cancelled before 7 days of the trip
  • 50% if the trip will be cancelled before 5 days of the trip
  • 0% if the cancellation will be on the same day of the trip.The refunds take up from 5-10 working days.

What if Greenfox cancels a tour?

  • In case of the bad weather conditions we can cancel the trip half an hour prior departure. The weather in Tromsø changes very often and we wait till the trip begins for the last weather reports updates.
  • In case the trip is canceled because of the bad weather conditions I am not able to promise you the free places on my trip for the next day.
  • In case of the bad weather reports the trip can still take place after two sides agree to go for the chase without expectations to see the lights.


Do you provide any warm clothes?

Yes, indeed we do. We have warm overall jackets. We will have shoe warmers as well so you can easily use your own shoes. While confirming booking I will ask you to give me information about your height and size.

Do you provide shoes?

No we don’t. We find it not hygienic to provide the same pair of shoes to hundred of people throughout the season. We recommend that you bring the good winter shoes with you as you might use them as well in all other occasions while in Norway. We recommend to get shoes half or one size bigger so you can easily fit in and extra pair of socks. As well leaving shoes not tighten makes it more space for air to circulate and keep your feet warm.

What shall I wear myself?


  • woolen underwear that is very often called merino wool underwear
  • woolen socks, if you are already in Tromso and want to find one go to Fretex in the city center and get one for 50NOK there are extremely good compared to price
  • proper winter warm shoes are pretty much advantage over the coldness that tries to get into your body, once your feet are cold you are cold
  • fleece sweater or any kind of sweater made from wool is the best
  • outer jacket shall be windproof and warm, the best from down
  • warm winter pants
  • DON’T FORGET your hat, gloves and scarf

Do I have to pay to use the tirpod?

No you don’t. We provide them as a part of our regular deal.

When can we get the pictures form the trip?

We usually send the pictures within 1-2days after the trip. We are using wetransfer.com so you will get the access to the download link via email from no-reply@wetranfer.com. Please check your spam folder in case you haven’t got the link.


Is your tour a chase or will we stay in one place?

We go for a chase that means we will drive out of Tromsø where the light pollution is minimal, to the place with the clearest sky during the night of your chase. Following the updated weather reports we might drive from one place to another on the same night.

Do you guarantee that we will see the northern lights?

We don’t guarantee that you will see the northern lights because this phenomenon occurs according to the solar wind and geomagnetic field.

HOWEVER we will do our best to take you to a location with the clearest sky on the following night.

How long is the trip?

Between 6-9hours. Trip starts at 6.30pm or 7pm depends which month you are coming. We usually set the time limit for 2am but many times we just enjoy the show and each other until the moment that all our guests are satisfied. Sometimes we finish after midnight and sometimes late in the night, however latest drop off time is 3.30am.

Can you pick us up at the hotel?

The answer is no. While booking with us we set the meeting place in front of the Tourist Information, located on Kirkegata 2, Tromsø, at 6.30pm. Sometimes we drive long so it is good for our guests to have a little walk before departure.

Are you dropping us off after the tour?

Yes of course we do! However please remember that the pick up is in front of the Tourist Information.