The History of Green Fox

.. Green Fox Guiding was founded in august 2012 as my personal respond to create and offer a space for my guests where they can relax in nature and get into the balance with the elements of nature within.

As I myself love nature, beauty, authenticity, rawness and life itself, working with the northern lights was just a matter of time to do so..

For me personally the first year of Guiding was just hilarious and funny and so pure and joyous that I really look backwards with the tear in my eye that we had to evolve so fast.. I worked alone, I drove an old VW Caravelle 4motion "red beast" with no heating for the back so my guests were usually freezing, I had no idea about northern lights and the pictures were blurry and rarely I knew where the north is on the sky :D hahaha.. There were just couple of other companies in Tromsø so the roads were empty and intimate.. my god thinking about it now gives me chills.. however that was the year when I was getting the most beautiful and honest feedback.. What I had was an enormous enthusiasm and love for shamanism, north and Auroras,, and that's what I was sharing to my guests.. Passion for life and nature..

In upcoming season 2017/2018 our main focus is on our guests and their needs. Providing  professional services with high standard to co-create the magic evenings, great daytours, superb dog sledding experiences.

We are a team of 6-8 guides,

each of us with unique flavour and personality. We are communicative, open-minded people, with great passion for life and adventure - qualities that make the difference throughout the long night awaiting the lady to dance.

  • Tomek (northern lights guide)
  • Carlos (northern lights guide)
  • Jacek (owner, northern lights guide)
  • Daria (contact person, PR,etc)
  • Karl (to be confirmed - daytour master)
  • Erika (to be confirmed - creative soul)
  • Grant (to be confirmed - dog sledding)

Having earned TripAdvisors Ceritficate of Execellence for last 4 years just shows that we are highly committed to bring more light into peoples experiences and life.

I really believe that when the time comes for me to leave this Earth smile and gratitude will be present for this amazing opportunity of working with people and Northern Lights, making campfires all nights long and just chill in the Arctic.. I hope so.. I won't be able to tell you then but I think so...