Hello beautiful YOU!!

My name is Govind and I am a life enthusiasm, photographer, traveller and free thinker! Most of all a guide in Arctic for last 10 years!
In my free time I love to do yoga, mediation, ice-baths, healthy lifestyle, diets, walk in nature and enjoy my life to the fullest.
As a Northern lights guide I started in 2009 doing dogsledding for two years, then I run my own local Photography Aurora workshops, driving thousands of miles in Arctic conditions, tuning into the weather rather by observing the changes and being there one with nature rather then following the weather forecasts :D
If you join me then for sure I am 110% in.. I am honest, authentic, reliable, resilient.
One of my favourite things in life are sitting by the fire by night, watching the stars and waiting for the Auroras.. Magic is on and your every day life feels like a dream..

So I am the owner and founder of this amazing experience and adventure I had in Arctic called Green Fox Guiding

This Year I am realizing my highest passion that I have been working through last years and planning to offer to YOU only the best of the bests!

So here it comes:

7DAYS Professional Photography Courses/Tours from Tromsø to Lofoten - I call this trip The Esence Of Arctic as it really is!