Terms and conditions while joining the trip with GreenFoxGuiding:



  • While booking through VisitTromsø I have no control over the booking. All the questions about cancelation, changes and money refunds please contact Visit Tromsø.






  • it is voluntary to sign for the tour with us
  • keep in mind we gonna be 24/7 with other participants and it might get quite intense
  • once you sign up it is requested you follow tour leaders program and suggestions
  • we are doing our best for you to have your needs met
  • it is not possible to get refunds after joining the tour
  • we gonna present the pictures of location we plan to take you as well as hotels so we try to avoid your dispaointments
  • please keep in mind that it is still Arctic and sometimes weather might be not in our favour - however we will do the best we can that is in our hands
  • you might be sharing a room with someone else if you join as single traveller
  • we have a basic company insurance for participants but it is always best in your interest to buy your own extended insurance for the period of your stay
  • while joining DETOX/YOGA retreat keep in mind that detoxification has also its side effects and can be quite emotional experience - however that is only for your highest best to be who you truly are
  • we hope that our customer understand that our promotional pictures are from the best nights and days in the year
  • It is ok to cancel your participation with refunds as follow:
    • 100% if the cancellation is made 30 days before the tour starts
    • 50% if the cancellation is made 14 days before the tour starts
    • 0% if the cancellation is made 14 days before the tour starts




  • To protect the interest of my company in case of cancellations from your side the amount of payment will be sent to you back as follow:
  • 100% if the trip will be cancelled before 14 days of the trip
  • 50% if the trip will be cancelled before 7 days of the trip
  • 0% if the cancellation will be on the same day of the trip.The refunds take up from 5-10 working days.
  • In case you arrive to Tromsø with the late plane and still want to join the trip please keep in mind that the airport is sometimes closed during the winter and because of the interest of other customers I have to leave from Tromsø at latest 7pm. If you cannot do it to the meeting point there are no refunds expected.
  • In case of the bad weather conditions I can cancel the trip half an hour prior departure. The weather in Tromsø changes very often and we wait till the trip begins for the last weather reports updates.
  • In case the trip is canceled because of the bad weather conditions I am not able to promise you the free places on my trip for the next day.
  • In case of the bad weather reports the trip can still take place after two sides agree to go for the chase without expectations to see the lights.
  • In case the trip is canceled I am gonna send you your money through PayPal services and you will receive the refunds in less then couple of hours. Currency exchange rates are variating so please keep in mind that sometimes you might receive less or more from the refund.
  • It is not possible to get refunds in cash.

I will do my best to find the lights HOWEVER:

  • In case of not seeing lights there are no refunds expected.
  • In case of not seeing lights there is no extra free trips expected.
  • In case of road being blocked on the way back to Tromsø because of the weather conditions, I don't take responsibility for your early planes departures and no refunds are expected.




  • Keep in mind to be at the Tourist Office at 6.30pm. In case of being late please contact me by phone on my number +4794800188. Guide will wait for you till 6.45pm.
  • While joining my trip you take full responsibility for your own physical, mental and emotional level.
  • Guide is fully responsible for the decisions that are taken during the trip and there is no reason to discuss with him where or when shall we go or what shall we do next.
  • Guide is allowed to ask you to stay calm in case of your own emotional or mental misbalances.
  • Guide will take you to the place where the weather report is expected to be clear sky or clouds openings. It is not guaranteed that the sky will be clear in the place where the weather report was expected to be.
  • Northern lights is the physical phenomenon of connection between the Sun – solar wind and the Earth – magnetic field changes, so there is no option to predict fully whether the lights will be strong or even if any
  • Coming for this trip you have to be prepared that there is a chance you will not see the lights and that it is nothing really wrong about it.
  • On our trips we have 90% success, which means 1 trip out of 10 is unsuccessful.
  • When I say we we see Aurora 90% of a time it also includes small few minutes displays visible sometimes mainly on the camera.
  • The trip is supposed to finish at 2 am in the city center but in special cases – with high indication of possibility to see the lights, it can prolong to 3 am maximum!


All photos taken on our trips by our guides are copyright and are owned by Green Fox Guiding. We also might use the picture with you as a commercial so if you don't want that the guide take photo of you please let him know. Small resolution photos that we send you as a part of our agreement are still copyrighted and it is not allowed to resell them.